Our services include:


Financial administration:

We take care of your accounting needs, allowing you to gain more insight into your financial situation. The entry of your transactions (purchase & sales invoices, bank/cash transactions) can be done by us or by using an online accounting program to perform these entries yourself. Either way, we will check the data and send you financial reports. You can choose monthly or quarterly entry and reports.

Salary administration:

We provide professional processing of your salary administration, taking into account all tax and legal regulations (including payroll tax returns). Every month, you will receive all required informtaion to meet your legal obligations. This includes payslips and payment files for your employees and payroll tax returns.

VAT, VPB and IB / PVV declarations:

We provide you with correct and timely declarations. We can also assist you with requesting a tax deferral. We are an officially registered tax administration office and as such we are holder of a Becon number provided by the tax authorities.

30% reimbursement ruling:

We lodge the applications for the 30% ruling for you and monitor the progress.

Expat services:

We provide service and support for Expats.

Financial statements:

We prepare the annual financial statements in accordance with Dutch GAAP regulations. On your demand we will also prepare them in accordance with IFRS.

Chamber of Commerce:

We file the annual financial statements at the Chamber of Commerce for you.


We guide you in choosing the business format and assist you in its implementation. We can also assist you in changing the strcuture of your business, and provide you with advice and guidance on the best course of action.

Subsidy applications:

We help you with the lodgment of and supervision of your subsidy applications to ensure that you meet all necessary obligations in order to get the subsidy succesfully approved.

Administrative processes:

We prepare your administrative processes or provide advice on these processes to not only increase the efficiency of your company but also to meet your accountant’s requirements.

Work on location:

If wanted we can also provide our services at a location of your choosing.

(Tax) advice:

We offer advice on all financial and tax-related matters.